College Gridiron Showcase: Glen Antoine

The College Gridiron Showcase has been relentless in gathering the highest quality college football athletes. Glen Antoine, a defensive lineman from Idaho, is among the top-tier in that talent level. Antoine was courteous enough to allow The Insciber an interview. After researching his stats, watching his highlight videos and reading other interviews, Glen Antoine was officially in the sights of The Inscriber.


Fox Sports released an article, listing Glen Antoine as a top 2017 draft sleeper. Right out of the gate, I asked Antoine how he felt about that classification.

“It’s good to get exposure. I’m glad they were able to find out about me. And I definitely want to thank God.”

One thing was clear in talking to this defensive monster, and that was that he had a great head on his shoulders. He was calm, cool and collected throughout the whole process. It was enjoyable seeing this side of Antoine, as the only thing made available before this was his highlight videos.

Glen Antoine had an incredible 2016 season at Idaho. He had a total of 33 tackles, 21 of those were solo. On top of that, he had an incredible sack for a five-yard loss. Antoine clearly has an eye for the ball and has shown that he’s hungry to make plays. A big part of his talent came from what he learned while in the Idaho athletics program.

BC: What was your favorite part of the athletics program at Idaho?

GA: I loved the family environment. We were all there to accomplish the same goal. And Coach (Paul) Petrino worked us hard. The practices were tough and physical.

Idaho hasn’t had the best of luck in the world of college football. In 2016, they had their first winning record since 2009. I asked Antoine what he thought was the biggest contributor to the school’s success that season. “The guys stayed close. They all had faith. The coaching staff helped us prepare a lot. They helped us work hard, and be the best we could be” Antoine said.

Continuing the talk of success, I asked Antoine what he thought contributed to his own personal success on the team. “My faith in the Lord. And just playing football. I’ve been playing since I was 7, and have been working hard ever since” Antoine stated.

Several things became apparent in talking to this young man. He was selfless, first and foremost. Glen Antoine attributed his success, along with his team’s success, to the most important people in his life. God, the Idaho coaching staff and his teammates were all his first responses. Antoine clearly appreciated everything those collective parties did together.

Along with his selflessness, Antoine was dedicated. He often mentioned his practice and workout routines, and sheer willingness to continue to better himself. Starting football at a young age, and continuing to stick with it for so long, is just a glimpse of the hard work that Glen Antoine has spent on the sport.

Glen Antoine was one of the most talented players at the College Gridiron Showcase, and a pleasure to speak to. Just like the other players that The Inscriber has profiled, great things are sure to come for this young man. Be sure to keep him on your radar, when the 2017 NFL draft begins.


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    Blake Cole 21 January, 2017 at 22:13

    Thank you so much for reading this! I had such a great time speaking with Glen. He’s an awesome person. I hope good things come to him. Keep following The Inscriber for a follow up with Glen, and other news. Please feel free to reach out to me directly, any time, on Twitter @blakeacole

  2. Avatar
    Danny 21 January, 2017 at 21:30

    He has a heart big as texas! Humble guy dedicated to what he puts his heart into. Great football player and im glad that God has blessed him with the talent, the heart, helleva work ethic, and just love the game! Neph im one of your biggest fans keep up the good work like i always tell you.

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