Philadelphia Eagles: Can they somehow steal Mike Williams with 15th pick?

The Philadelphia Eagles have a chance to get the player they need. Not want, but need. Forget the offensive line and secondary for a moment and focus on what’s important. Carson Wentz needs someone to throw the football to that will catch it besides Jordan Matthews.

The Eagles stunk it up through the air in 2016. It wasn’t the fault of Wentz being a rookie but like most Eagles teams in the past, there was no real playmaker like Odell Beckham, Julio Jones or Antonio Brown. Wentz suffered, the ground game suffered and the defense suffered due to quick three and outs. When there is no viable threat in the vertical game, defenses can stack the line of scrimmage and use single coverage. Such was the case when defensive players got hipped to the fact that Eagles receivers had butter hands.


But, all that can stop if the team can get a little help from 14 other GM’s and pray that Clemson WR, Mike Williams falls into their lap with the 15th overall pick.

I knew Williams was good but watching him torch the Alabama defense in the National Championship game made me a believer. According to all analyst, he’s not the fastest but the Eagles don’t need speed, what they need are hands. And what player in the nations has better hands than Williams? The Eagles play in a division where the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys secondaries are just as suspect as theirs. If they were to get a player like Williams with his size (6-3) and weight (203) he could cause problems lined up opposite Matthews.

Wentz needs a player that has no problem running a Go Route, then catching a three-yard slant for a first down. As long as he catches the ball. With a player like Williams, the Eagles can then go back to their three-headed rushing attack that was once leading the league before injuries, suspensions and dropped balls caught up with them.

For the second year in a row, the Eagles have a chance to get the player they need. Wentz was the foundation but Williams can be the cornerstone.

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