Go, Go Power Rangers? Trailer #2(video).


On Thursday, Lionsgate releases the second official trailer for the new Power Rangers movie. The movie that (almost) every kid from the 90s had been waiting for. The original show aired all the way back in August of 1993 and has gone through several iterations since.

The Good:
With the film’s big budget, they didn’t hold back gathering up a unique cast. The film stars bigger names like Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks and Bill Hader. Almost every episode of Power Rangers followed the same format. If the movie plays out the same way, the only thing left to do it not blow it. Fans know what to expect out of the actors and out of the format of the series. The only downside would be trying to do too much and ruining the story.

The Bad:
I may be the only one on this but did anyone get the impression the movie was too close to Twilight. Nothing against that movie but if that’s the route they’re going I’m going to have to pass. This may be a movie that dads can take their kids to see to share appreciation. If they go too teen/adult and stray too far from the original, there won’t be a sequel. Most of the shows were done on a limit budget so they often made a lot of money. If the film flops, expect them to keep the movies straight to DVD from here on out.


The Take:

As much as I enjoyed the first few series of Power Rangers, I was never the die hard fan that most are. Personally to me, it was just a live-action version of the cartoon I loved growing up Voltron. While it did set itself a part from the 80s cartoon, its similarities seemed all too familiar. As we all know from years of viewing, the second version is rarely better.

With that being said the interest in the film should be luke warm at best. If I was a parent with a young child who enjoys family friendly superhero films I’d probably enjoy it more. However, as an adult, nothing about this film screams “go out and spend money on it.” Maybe in the transition from theater to on demand, I might give it a shot but theatrically I’d be out on it.

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