The one major problem with The Flash on The CW

As superheroes dominate the big screen and our tv channels they face more and more of a challenge. Can the writers come up with a way of keeping the show exciting and fresh without straying too far from the original character? As far as comic book shows go, I can honestly say I don’t mind writers taking liberties with characters here and there. Creative freedom will go a long way in when standing on its own,

The CW’s The Flash has everything I’m looking for in terms of a comic book show adapted to the tv screen. The Flash is one of those shows that takes a ton of special effects to make it watchable. They didn’t skimp out. They need a strong lead to make the character likable, Grant Gustin is as likable as the Flash as anyone. Even the supporting cast and guest appearances pull off humor and dramatic moments.

What kills me, I mean what really keeps me up at night is the relationship between him and Iris. Where’s the chemistry? A love that’s literally supposed to stand the tests of time and it comes off as someone trying to leave the friend zone. In the comics, the two end up married and parents. However the more you watch, the more you expect one to utter “Look, it’s not you, it’s me”.


Iris West comes off as the best friend you took out to dinner one time and realized how awkward it was and went back to friends. That’s not a knock on actress Candice Parker either. Her progression throughout the show has been one of the strongest.

How are we supposed to believe that Barry would go to the ends of the earth, space and time if all they ever portray is the kid brother act? Maybe the writers are catering to the male viewers and not developing this key story enough. In that sense, they’re in a lose/lose situation. If they continue this route the characters will be less believable. If they do decide to make their relationship a focus they’ll fall into “another sappy CW show” that often is associated with the channel.

So much of the Flash is amazing. It easily is in the top 3 shows I’m watching right now. Unfortunately, as a fan of the comics, I also feel like it’s missing something. Whether or not they’re dragging it on for a future story arch or they’re going a different route, it needs to be addressed. Nothing about the characters says Barry Allen isn’t the Flash without Iris West. They’ve hinted at it, even wrote it into the dialogue, but it’s never made you feel it. Whether the show lasts another season or goes on for ten years, make us believe so I can get back to loving this show.

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