Is Greg Manusky right for the Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins have been known for their poor defensive play in the past. However, 2016 exceeded the poor play level. It was downright atrocious. This led to the release of DC Joe Barry and several assistants on his staff. One that was retained and is being considered is OLB Coach Greg Manusky. He does have experience as a defensive coordinator. However, I am against hiring him as a DC in Washington and here is why.

Greg Manusky was the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers from 2007-2010. During that tenor, he never once had a top 10 defense. He most certainly had talent during those years. As the DC of the 49ers he had the following defensive finishes:

2007 25th overall, 22nd vs the run, 22nd vs the pass

2008 13th overall, 15th vs the run, 19th vs the pass

2009 15th overall, 6th vs the run, 21st vs the pass

2010 13th overall, 6th vs the run, 23rd vs the pass

Greg Manusky was also the DC for the then San Diego Chargers. This was a one-year stint in 2011. He was not a top 10 coordinator then either. The Chargers finished as the 16th ranked defense overall, they finished 20th against the run and 13th against the pass.


Manusky came to the Redskins from the Indianapolis Colts. He had spent the last 4 season there prior to coming to Washington. Here is where he would find his most success, although it would start out rough. Greg Manusky would eventually turn the Colts into a top 10 defense but they would only ensure that success for one season:

2012 28th overall, 29th vs the run, 21st vs the pass

2013 22nd overall, 30th vs the run, 16th vs the pass

2014 9th overall, 19th vs the run, 9th vs the pass

2015 27th overall, 25th vs the run, 25th vs the pass

For a team with as little talent as the Redskins have on defense, I am not sure that Greg Manusky is the right guy. In 9 years as a DC, he has only one top 10 defense. The Redskins need a guy that will bring a culture change to the defense. They need a guy that will install passion and pressure. In all fairness, I do not feel that Manusky is that guy.





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