Pretty Little Liars: Top 5 things to watch for in 7B

Just a little while longer my Pretty Little Liars fans and hopefully we will get the big reveal we’ve been waiting for all season. Who is Uber A or any other question we want and need to be answered? As we came to a stop after the Summer finale we were left with so any questions and the dead air between 7A and 7B has not helped any. It was a great marketing tool to debut the second half of the season much later than normal as it has given fans more time to put their theories to the test.


As I writer I’ve done countless articles (thanks for the support) but this may be one of the biggest as I get to combine 5 theories into one article.


Who Killed Charlotte, Is She Really Dead?

That’s still a big question. If it wasn’t for her death then the girls would have never come back to Rosewood in the first place. But, who did it? And the bigger question is: is she really dead? We saw the body but this is Pretty Little Liars and nothing is as it seems in this show. Her demise is the new dimension that has caused so much grief and death but what if this is another smokescreen by Uber A? I never brought into the fact that she was the main master planner behind the earlier seasons so Charlotte still being alive would make perfect sense in a way. If Charlotte is indeed still alive then will she be the one to save her sisters and friends?

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