Los Angeles Rams 2017 Off-Season Needs

When it comes to the offseason, many teams have been preparing for quite some time. That is the case when it comes to the Los Angeles Rams. Here is a team that started the 2016 campaign on a hot note. Then things collapsed. This led to the firing of Head Coach Jeff Fisher before the season was even over. They began the 2017 offseason with a head coaching search. Now that that is complete we can focus on player needs. Here is an early look at some offseason moves for the Los Angeles Rams.

Wide Receiver

The Los Angeles Rams have one WR on the team that is worth two pennies. That guy is Kenny Britt. However, Britt is set to be a free agent when the new league season starts. There are reports out there that they are going to let him test the market. I am not sure that this is such a wise idea. The only other receiver that can hold his own in the NFL is Tavon Austin. He has shown in previous years that he is not capable of being the guy. He needs a compliment. Kenny Britt was just that. Britt became a quality number one WR last season. The Rams should focus on keeping him and getting him some help this offseason.


Offensive Line

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of teams that are in need of offensive lineman. The same is true here. The case could be made that it was a bad scheme with the Los Angeles Rams. However, they now have a key component they have to protect on offense in Jared Goff. One of the main reason that Sean McVay was brought in was to make that number one overall investment worth something. He cannot do that with a solid offensive line. They are going to be throwing the ball all over in Los Angeles. That cannot happen if your QB is not upright. Invest in some quality o-line guys this offseason to get this thing started on the right foot.


With the rumors that the Los Angeles Rams are going to let starting CB Trumaine Johnson test the market this offseason, the Rams may want to begin to prepare for his replacement. I am not so sure that any of the back up to him or E.J. Gaines are worthy of starting. Maybe DC Wade Phillips can prove me wrong and make one of them a star. I would think that the Rams are going to be out looking for a replacement for Johnson. One that comes at a cheaper price.

The Los Angeles Rams are not that far off from being a quality football team. They have some youth on offense with Todd Gurley and Jared Goff. Those two players need some company to make it all work. Look for Sean McVay and Les Snead to be aggressive in free agency. They have about $41 million to spend. The return of football to LA will again be glorious soon.

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