Kyle Shanahan gets the job nobody wants

The San Francisco 49ers are now the dumpster fire of the NFL. After hiring Chip Kelly to coach the team in 2016, they have since fired him and GM Trent Baalke. They are currently the only team in the NFL without a head coach. What will they do? It looks like they will hire Kyle Shanahan. Let us take a look at how he won by default.

Reports surfaced Tuesday that the 49ers are willing to offer the vacant head coaching opening to Atlanta Falcons Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan. They are in no rush to bring in a head coach, thus making him the leading candidate. They have interviewed several people for the job along with Shanahan. None of which panned out. 2 removed themselves from the situation Josh McDaniels and Tom Cable, 2 were hired by other teams, and so now they have to wait. Why are teams avoiding the 49ers?

It could be because of the unstable structure of the organization. They are searching in reverse. Most teams hire the General Manager first and then he hires the head coach. The San Francisco 49ers are hiring the head coach, Kyle Shanahan and allowing him to partake in the selection of the GM. The 49ers are making sure that the GM is one that the head coach likes. That is the complete opposite from normal structure in the NFL.


It could also be the lack of offensive talent on the roster. The best thing they have on offense is the often injured RB Carlos Hyde. They are in dire need of a QB. They are in dire need of WRs. And they are going to need to protect those investments upfront. The offense along with the 32nd ranked defense are going to have to go through a major overhaul. This is going to be a complete rebuild for whatever GM and head coach takes the job. This will take patience by these two people and the whole organization.

The San Francisco 49ers may have their head coach in Kyle Shanahan but is he really the guy to put out the fire. He is going to have to bring in an all-star staff to help turn this thing around. I am not sure who is left out there that fits that stature. Shanahan, his staff, and the new GM are walking into the hottest fire in the NFL. Are they the extinguishers to douse the flames, or just the retardant to keep them at a low burn? Only time will tell.

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    rustybutt 2 February, 2017 at 00:52

    Given Jed York’s back-asswards way of hiring, Kyle Shannahan is not only the best he could do, he’s probably a lot better than this process should have yielded. The organization is still dysfunctional to the point where no coach, no matter how brilliant, could truly be successful.

    All the leaks to the press are just the outward manifestation of finger pointing and blame laying that is central to the problem in the Niners organization. They interviewed God Knows how many people for both GM and HC, but how many people got interviewed when the Niners hired their CEO? His *ONLY* qualification is that he’s Mama’s boy. His insecurity is what drives his need to lay blame for the inevitable mistakes that get made.

    When people start laying blame for mistakes instead of trying to figure out why they happened and how to learn from them, then everyone gets busy hunkering down, trying to avoid the Boss’s Evil Eye, instead of trying to make things better.

    There’s no reason Jed can’t learn to be a leader, but as long as he keeps doing things the same way, he shouldn’t expect a different result. Changing names and faces won’t make a difference when the real problem is the work culture he creates as CEO.

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        rustybutt 3 February, 2017 at 02:46

        I wouldn’t point the finger at Jed York. He’s only doing what he knows how to do in the best way he knows. He certainly wants to win, if nothing more than to prove to everyone else that they’re wrong about him.

        But the buck really doesn’t stop with him. No. It stops with Mom. Denise DeBartelo-York is the one really calling the shots. It was her idea to first make John York CEO and then Jed, with no other qualification than they are family.

        They will continue to operate the same way, with the same results, until they start losing money. The best thing you can do is not give them any of yours.

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