Is the Justice League, Suicide Squad showdown coming in 2017?

Throughout Suicide Squad, we were giving countless clues that there could be a possible war brewing between them and the members of the Justice League, most notably, Batman and The Flash. As each member of the SS was apprehended, it was either Flash or Batman that placed them in the custody of Amanda Waller.

As Suicide Squad ended and the credits rolled, we were giving a glimpse of what may come when Waller and Bruce Wayne were talking and Wayne told her to shut it down or his friends and he would do it for her. Wayne was referring to the SS. The same people that he helped place in her custody. As usual, Batman is not one to look the other way when he feels there are other vigilantes on the loose. He likes to be the lone wolf and this is just another indication of so.

But, if he meant what he said as he walked out the door then a war is sure to come. Waller is not giving up her grip on the SS and Batman is not willing to give up his grip as a crime fighter. Eventually, both teams will go toe-to-toe, but when? With Wonder Woman set to hit theaters this year along with Justice League, it’s possible they may cross paths in JL for a brief cameo, setting the stage for a big fight, ala what Marvel did with Captain America: Civil War, in a later film, possibly Suicide Squad 2.

The difference between SS/JL and The Avengers fights is that there is bad blood between the DC characters from the beginning. Deadshot has a long-standing hatred for Batman. Harley Quinn is in love with The Joker and we know the history between Batman and him, so their showdown will be of epic proportions. It’s just a matter of the writers putting the script together and figuring out which movie this fight will take place in.

My bet is Suicide Squad 2.

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