Dallas Cowboys: Time to move on from Jason Garrett?

Well, Dallas Cowboys fans it’s time to face the music. While Jason Garrett has the team winning, he’s not getting the job done. No matter the situation in Dallas, Jerry Jones is holding on to a head coach who is barely getting by. The team and ownership have backed Garrett 100% but now it’s time to start questioning if he’s their long-term answer.

Fans have criticized Jones hanging on to Garrett because he’s easily persuaded to take a back seat to ownership’s demands. Fans don’t want someone who kisses backside, they want championships. History has shown, Garrett just isn’t that kind of guy. In comparison, Andy Reid had many successful seasons as the Philadelphia Eagles and even appeared in the Super Bowl. In his 14 seasons with the team, Reid had 8 seasons with 10 or more wins and only 3 with a losing record. However, it was his record in the postseason that ultimately leads to his departure from the team. Of his 19 playoff appearances, he’d go on to win 10. Bad teams often hope to settle for .500 during the regular season, but it’s clearly not what you want in the postseason.


Sorry Dallas Cowboys fans, Jason Garrett is your Andy Reid.

With arguably the best talent the team has had since the early 90’s. The team shattered expectations with a rookie quarterback and rookie running back. Going into the season Dak Prescott was supposed to be the worst case scenario as Tony Romo recovered from injury. He went on to lead the team to a 13-3 season giving the Dallas Cowboys a first round bye. Then came the Packers. Even though the game would ultimately come down to a last-second field goal the Cowboys still fell. It wasn’t even for a lack of trying. They would eventually lose having scored 31 points.

Throughout his career that has been Garrett’s downside. He’s never been truly terrible as a coach, but he’s also not very successful in gut check moments. After a coaching career that started with 3 straight 8-8 seasons, he finally got the team over the hump with a 12-4 record. Followed closely by a 4-12 record. Even with the 2016 season, he finishes with barely a career of .558, which doesn’t scream dominant.

Garrett can coach the team to win games but he doesn’t seem to have it in him to put teams away. Rarely you would see a blowout by his teams. The Cowboys can put up points in bunches but often times so will their opponent. The team is either playing to the level of their opponent or he’s coaching to his counterpart. His conservative approach will never let the Cowboys run away with a game against playoff caliber teams. If he stays in Dallas he’ll have to learn to go for the jugular.


After a regular season of dominating, Cowboys fans will no doubt defend their coach’s place with the team. However, at some point, they’ll have to ask themselves “Is a coach who is 1-3 in the playoffs really going to take the Cowboys all the way?”. Based on what he’s done so far the answer is no. Even if the Cowboys stock up well in the draft and free agency, so will their opponents. The Cowboys may only be one or two pieces away the same could be said for the rest of the NFC playoff teams. Jason Garrett needs to discover his killer instinct in the offseason or it will be another season of heartbreak. How much longer can Jerry Jones keep their version of Andy Reid around? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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    Jim 18 January, 2017 at 21:20

    Amen!! How can you have a gameplan against GB where we run the ball only 22 times with the best O-Line? Ridiculous. We got cute on the first drive at 3rd and 2, instead of pounding it to get a first down. Ended up with FG. Later 2nd and 1, interception. RUN the ball, wear them out, keep Rodgers off the field In NFL history, team that runs the ball 30 times is 37-0. Yet our staff couldn’t figure this out? Amazing. What a wasted opportunity.

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