Sex & Relationships: Is it possible to step out of the friend zone?

The Friend Zone can be a gift and a curse depending on your situation. For some, it’s nothing better than knowing you have that person of the opposite sex to talk to about anything. It doesn’t matter if its money, health, family or relationships. But, what happens when wires get crossed and you forget this is your friend and begin to look at them differently?

Do you shut up or do you put yourself out there?

What you may feel may not be what they feel and that alone could cause problems. Imagine you know everything about this person and vice versa, then one day you wake up and think “why not”. The friendship is already built, the trust is there but, they know all your dirty secrets, may have helped you put a few skeletons in your closet too. This is the same person you may have used their shoulder to cry on or asked what to do when your ex was acting stupid. He/she is your friend.

So why risk it all?

Simple math. They say that your lover should be your best friend. Well, if we already have that out the way then we already beat the odds. How easier would a relationship be if there were no secrets between the two of you? The love is already there, when you express your love, they will know it’s coming from a sincere place. But, it’s still a risk. If something were to go wrong, it’s not only the end of a relationship but possibly the end of a friendship.

If you feel it in your heart that they are the right person for you then make a move. Let them know how you feel. If you get rejected then so be it. But you have to let them know why you feel the way you do. For me, it’s simple. I have feelings for my friend and I want nothing more than to be out of that zone. It’s going to take some work but I’m more than up for the challenge. She could be reading this now and wonder why.

So, let me tell her why.

What don’t you know about me and me about you? I love the way you say my name when you see me. I love it when you stare me down pretending to be mad at me when we both know you’re not. I love to see your face when you’re stressed and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I laugh every time. Not because it’s funny to see you stressed but because you get this look, your eyes squinch up and your face turns red. So cute. You are driven and family orientated. I love your style, and how you talk with your hands when you think no one is watching. You never judged me for my past, always sat and listened when I came to you with a problem.

We viewed each other as brother and sister and for that time, it was the correct call. But somewhere in-between the laughter and advice, I saw you. Not the person that you wanted me to see, but the you that was reserved for someone else. I finally saw why they wanted you, and I saw why not everyone is deserving of you as well. There is something special inside of you that has not been unlocked.

I took a huge risk telling you how I felt and for a split-second I did regret it because I was scared. I didn’t want to lose a friendship that took years to build but I didn’t want to lose out on something bigger either. Risk doesn’t scare me, not taking them does. I’m glad I said something before I had to sit and listen as you told me about someone else that’s in my place.

How you feel is how you feel and I will accept whatever comes my way. If it works it works, if not then I gave it a shot.

The Friend Zone has rules. Too bad I was never the one to follow orders. No telling what I might miss out on.


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