NFL Opinion: Tony Romo or Phillip Rivers to be the New York Jets starter

We are a few days away from championship Sunday in the National Football League as the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and Atlanta Falcons are set to face each other with the winners going to Super Bowl 51 in Houston. However, there are 27 teams that are working hard on doing better next season. One of those teams that are very hopeful about next season is the New York Jets.


Going into next season, the New York Jets will only have Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg on the depth chart as their starting quarterbacks. We saw a bit of Petty during the 2016 season and didn’t see Hackenberg at all. This may cause the Jets to go out into the free agency and get their next QB. I only say that it would be in free agency and not the NFL Draft is that there are no quarterbacks coming out of college that are going to be great to start right off the back. Some of the names who the Jets could be looking at as they more than likely won’t have Fitzpatrick or Smith returning next season are Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo, Mike Glennon, Brian Hoyer, and Kirk Cousins (if he doesn’t resign with the Redskins).

If you figure that Kirk Cousins will resign with the Redskins, you can also take Glennon and Hoyer off that list as well as they don’t make the New York Jets a playoff team and aren’t good at all, that leaves you with Romo and Rivers as the more than likely two quarterbacks who should be on the top of the Jets list. While both of them have playoff experience and could handle the New York media very easily, I see the Jets probably making more of a push towards Romo if Dallas chooses to go with Prescott going further. There were reports coming out today that Jerry Jones isn’t too sure of who will be starting for the Cowboys in 2017.


We are still very early in the off season for the National Football League and anything can happen.

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