Dallas Cowboys: Jason Garrett is easy decision for Coach of the Year

The Dallas Cowboys are still the talk of the NFL after their defeat Sunday in the NFC Divisional Round. Too many memes are being made about their loss and I get it. People were tired of hearing Cowboys fans brag all season about their record. But, why be mad? If it was their team sporting a 13-3 record it would be the other way around.

It was well-deserved bragging rights, which brings us to this article.


The NFL Coach of the Year is still yet to be determined and while they are deserving candidates like Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons, Adam Gase of the Miami Dolphins, Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs, Jack Del Rio of the Oakland Raider and a few other, it belongs to one man only. Jason Garrett of the Cowboys took a team no one had faith in and struck gold. No Super Bowl appearance but the job he was able to do was outstanding considering what he had to work with.

How many teams can lose their Pro Bowl caliber QB and still manage to go 13-3 with what was basically the third string QB? Then, to rely on the legs of a rookie and watched as he led the league in rushing. The defense had gaping holes but Garrett was able to plug-n-play until Aaron Rodgers showed them they still have work to do on that side of the ball.

Let’s not forget, this is a team that won only four games last season. From four to 13 is one heck of a jump but to do it with rookies speaks volumes about Garrett. That’s coaching. He could have easily handed the duties over to Mark Sanchez or let Ezekiel Elliott ride the pine but he took a risk and trusted his players. He’s been called Jerry Jones’s puppet but, what they fail to realize is that when Tony Romo went down, Jones backed away and finally let Garrett coach.

The results: Two possible MVP candidates, one NFC East Division title, a possible COY, a restored fan base and Jones’s approval. The puppet is no more, the leash is now off and Garrett should be able to move as he sees fit. Quinn of the Falcons did an amazing job but he still had Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Gase was great in Miami but the defense and offense are still led by veterans that have been together for more than two seasons. Reid has a veteran group with the Chiefs and Del Rio has a Raiders team that has spent at least two seasons as a unit.

Garrett and the Cowboys are catching heat for the loss, but all that boils down to are fans from other teams showing their hatred. It hurt their hearts to see the Cowboys back on top and that alone is all the evidence I need for why Garrett has earned top honors. He made the entire NFL dislike his team because they were winning.

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