James Arthur Looks To Stake His Claim In American Music

    There have been a slew of talented musical artists to emerge from reality television. Some of the more successful acts have come from Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. The most notable American act to emerge from the show was Fifth Harmony, but the U.K. X-Factor has had its share of top musicians emerge in the states.One of the more recent artists to stake his claim in America is James Arthur, the winner of X-Factor U.K. in 2012. He’s endured a long road to find success, one that has involved numerous setbacks resulting from issues such as drugs, anxiety, and depression.

    His newest album, Back from the Edge, is his first attempt at trying to capture the American market. Judging by the response it’s gotten in the States, it would appear that Arthur has gained quite a following. And for good reason, as the album is quite deep and moving. It deals with Arthur’s struggle to overcome his demons and details the hardship of overcoming obstacles in life.

    The album’s first single, Say You Won’t Let Go, is a song that will get a lot of attention come wedding season. The track has become a staple on pop radio and iTunes charts since its debut. It’s the first single from Arthur that has gone mainstream in the American market.

    In addition, the album features a great collection of songs, the highlight being Prisoner, which explains the troubles of overcoming your demons. There is also, Phoenix, a song that explains Arthur’s relationship with God during his long turbulent road. Those are just a few of the standout songs on the album, but there really isn’t a bad track on Back From the Edge.


    The question now becomes whether or not James Arthur has staying power in America. Is he the next Sam Smith, or does he become a one hit wonder?

    There is a lot of optimism with Arthur, as he’s one of the best new artists to come out in quite some time. To succeed in the American market, Arthur must continue to promote his music and display his songs to radio. His first single is doing extremely well, so striking while the iron is hot is critical.

    Regardless, the story of James Arthur is quite remarkable. He’s dug himself out of some extreme situations to become one of the U.K.’s top stars and now looks to conquer the American market. The sky is the limit for James Arthur, and let’s hope there is a lot more to come from this talented artist.

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