It is time to make Wrestling glorious at Inscriber Magazine

Are you a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, or a local independent company? If you are experienced writer, then the Inscriber Magazine is the place for you. We are looking to expand the wrestling department to cover every aspect of sports entertainment. We are looking for people to do recaps on the weekly shows and pay-per-views, also we are looking for people to do prediction pieces and anything else that is related. Also if you’re an independent wrestler, you can contribute as well by giving a first-hand account.


However, if your interested in anything else you are more than willing to do that as well as we have other departments. As the head of the wrestling department, I am pushing to make it both phenomenal and glorious. You will have a platform where you can pretty much write about anything you want to write about, an episode of WWE was bad, write about it; a new wrestler debuted or returned, write about it. The opportunities are endless and what you make of it.

We are about to enter Wrestlemania season and there is a ton of stories to talk about, TNA is under new ownership, ROH may be losing more wrestlers. I am not asking for much except for your full commitment to making this department great. I am someone who will be in the trenches with you guys.

So if you are interested you can reply to this ad or tweet me @jon_blayne. 2017 will be the year that wrestling in Inscriber will be glorious and phenomenal

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