Dallas Cowboys: What will a playoff win mean for Dak Prescott?

The Dallas Cowboys have not won a playoff game since 2015 against the Detroit Lions and while that is not that far away, it seems like 15 years has passed. The Cowboys are held as America’s team but has struggled to capitalize on the name and give America what they want. 

But, there is new hope in 2017 as they get ready to take on the Green Bay Packers Sunday. The Cowboys already beat Aaron Rodgers once this season and will be on the hunt to repeat that but this is a different stage. Super rookies, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have never been here before and jitters may hinder their performances for at least the National Anthem.


When the Cowboys take their first offensive snap, all eyes will be on Prescott. The league and fans have seen this rookie in action enough to know that he’s good but is he playoff good? Tony Romo was a great regular season QB but he dropped the ball when it mattered most. Prescott entered the season as the backup to the backup and now finds himself two games away from the Super Bowl and possibly an MVP trophy. That’s the kind of season he has had.

But, what happens if he beats Rodgers and the Packers again?

The word elite is thrown around too freely these days. If a QB has 2-3 great games in a row then the media will deem him with an elite status but to be considered that he has to string together 5-6 consecutive seasons of great stats. Prescott is not there yet and a playoff win will not get him there. But a win will place him in Cowboys lore for eternity. For a rookie to come in and do what he did this season and cap it off with a win against Rodgers in the playoffs will have his face plastered across all Texas billboards.

The Cowboys needs this, Prescott needs this and the fans are clamoring for this. They are looking for a reason to hitch their wagons to him. In some eyes, the regular season has been a blur, a fluke, but Prescott can put all the doubt to rest with one victory. What happens after that happens but for now, it’s one game at a time for the sensational rookie.

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