Why The Good Fight will be better than The Good Wife

When The Good Wife ended I was left in awe. It was as if they forgot there was a core audience that followed the show through it’s up and downs and instead of rewarding us with a proper ending, it pulled a page from the LOST handbook.

A year after The Good Wife ended it’s run, the network is back with a spinoff that may actually be better than the original.


Gone is Alicia Florrick and her non-emotional character that was built off emotional situations. I, for one am glad she is not returning for this new show. But, The Good Fight will feature a few familiar faces from The Good Wife. Back are Diane Lockhart, David Lee, and Lucca Quinn. While there are no signs of Cary and others, the show can be carried by Lucca and Diane alone.

What will make The Good Fight stand above The Good Wife is the fact that it will be aired on a pay platform (CBS). In doing so it will allow the writers to have a bit more creative control as far as content goes. They can go a bit edgier and by what the promo shows, this is going to be explosive.

Diane is finally set to retire I guess after her attempts at an all-female led Law Firm didn’t work but, in doing so she is linked to an investor who in turns loses her retirement savings in a Ponzi scheme. With no money, Diane is forced to head back to what she knows and does best. Practice law.

With that decision being made for her, Diane is forced to try to go back to her old firm but is turned away by Lee and the other partners. Now, she has nowhere to go and decides to join forces with Lucca and newcomer, Maia, who just happens to be the daughter of the man who lost Diane’s money. That dynamic alone will make for great TV.


Diane was always a favorite of mine and I didn’t realize just how much until she slapped Alicia in the Series Finale. Both ladies got what they deserved but Diane was the one that actually built her name through hard work and sacrifice, unlike Alicia. To give Diane her own show was a great move. The Good Fight has a great supporting cast and if the writers learned from their mistakes in the handling of the last season of The Good Wife we could be in store for an epic series.




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