Men: Do we have a double standard when it comes to parenting?

Most fathers dread the day they have to walk their daughters down that aisle. It’s a joyous occasion for most but for dads, not so much. 

We’re happy that our child is happy and has found love but, it comes with a price. For her entire life, we’ve tried to shield her away from heartbreak but there will come a time when everything we taught her gets put to the test. If she’s getting married we must come to terms with either one or two realistic possibilities. One, she has already had sex or two, she will that night.


That’s a crushing blow to any father’s ego. But, what if it was our son getting married? Would we still care as much?

No. And that’s the honest truth. Yes, there is a double standard there and one that I am proud to admit. 

I love my princess and I would die a happy man to know that she has gone through life a virgin. As for my son’s, multiply the earth with your seeds. It may sound wrong but I don’t want anyone touching my daughter. 

But, why is there such a double standard?

It’s just the way men are built. We raise our sons but we protect our daughters. I would love grandkids some day but when I look at my daughter I still see and hear that crying infant that slid out her mother 17 years ago. Maybe in another three years my feelings will change on the matter but for now, I have every right to wear that double standard on my sleeve with pride.

Women can get made at this article and label me whatever you want but I’m just a father who loves his daughter. Sex opens the heart to happiness, laughter, and love but pain can sneak in there as well. 

There will come a time when I get that phone call that she has met that special man and a date has been set. At that point, there is nothing that I can do. I just hope that he treats my granddaughter the same way I did his wife.

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