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The College Gridiron Showcase has gathered over 170 players together, all who are looking to get picked in the 2017 NFL Draft. Of the players attending, there are a few who stick out the most. These particular players are receiving lots of attention from scouts. What separates these individuals from the others? Is it skill level and athleticism? Is it good work ethic and accountability?

These factors, and more, play a key role in who from the 2017 CGS will make it in the next NFL draft. Daquan Holmes, a cornerback from American International (AIC), has an exceptional chance at getting his name called out in Philadelphia. After talking with this young man for just a few minutes, anyone could tell that there was something different about him. In what was a brief interview, Holmes made a fantastic impression. His clip is below.

(Daquan Holmes)


Interview with Daquan Holmes, CB from American International (AIC).

Posted by Blake Cole on Sunday, January 8, 2017

That was one of the best interviews that The Inscriber has had so far, at the College Gridiron Showcase. Holmes is well-spoken, personable, knowledgeable about the game and just plain talented. So talented in fact, that defensive players at AIC may very well be trying for years to break his records. In addition to that impressive proof of skill, defensive players in the Northeast-10 Conference may also be spending years trying to break his records. That’s right folks, Daquan Holmes holds just about every record at AIC and in the Northeast-10 conference. It’s clear when watching his highlights, this kid knows the game and plays it at a high level.

Holmes joined the D2CCA All-Super Region team, and has been described by some as arguably the best cover man to have ever played for AIC. He can play cornerback and safety interchangeably, and has proven to have a natural talent for always maintaining awareness of where the ball is and who has it. While there is no doubt that Daquan Holmes has talent, there is something else that scouts, teams and any fans should know.

Daquan Holmes is genuine. He is eloquent in the way he talks, he speaks sincerely and comes across as a truly respectable man. While some may assume that with scouts and team representatives on location, all players are bringing their “A” game, rest assured that Holmes is not putting on an act. He is easily one of the best players in Division II, one of the most talented at CGS and one outstanding young man.

Good things are in store for Daquan Holmes, and it is beginning at the College Gridiron Showcase.

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    Blake Cole 21 January, 2017 at 19:35

    Thank you so much for reading this article! It was truly a pleasure to meet and speak with Daquan. He’s an extraordinary athlete, and a fine young man. I look forward to speaking with him again, and hopefully, putting out more information on his journey into professional football. I hope you continue to keep up with The Inscriber, and enjoy our coverage on sports, and other topics! Please feel free to reach out to me any time, directly on Twitter @blakeacole!

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