Lonzo Ball Makes Sense For the Dallas Mavericks

Nobody expected the Dallas Mavericks to be one of the worst teams in the NBA this season. However, there is a silver lining to this, as they will have a top pick at the 2017 NBA Draft. This sets the Mavericks up to select Lonzo Ball, who might be the best point guard to come out of college in years.

Ball might be the top selection at this year’s NBA Draft. He’s got all the traits and skills that scouts look for in a potential NBA All-Star. Ball’s got height ( 6’6) and the basketball IQ that will make him one of the league’s best. Many have compared him to Jason Kidd, which, for any California-born point guard like Ball, is quite the honor.


How does Ball fit in with the Dallas Mavericks?

It’s obvious to even the most novice NBA fan that Dallas needs help just about everywhere on the basketball court. Aside from Harrison Barnes, there really isn’t any exciting or franchise cornerstone talent on the Mavericks roster. That holds especially true at the point guard position.

Deron Williams has seen better days. The former top-three pick has struggled with injuries throughout his NBA career. He’s just not able to play at an All-Star level anymore. The Mavericks would be wise to invest in Lonzo Ball, as Williams will be an unrestricted free agent at season’s end.

Don’t expect the Mavericks to bring Williams back as anything more than a bench player. This leaves Dallas without a point guard going into next season. And seeing as to how this team needs to get younger, drafting Ball would certainly help them accomplish that.

Ball has shown that Kidd-esque ability during his freshman season at UCLA. Aside from his 14 point per game average, Ball adds 8 assists per contest. He’s without question the best passer in the NCAA. And with his 6’6 frame, he’s also able to contribute just under 6 rebounds a game.

Ball is a walking triple double. And with James Harden and Russell Westbrook putting up these stats on a nightly basis, a player like Ball will fit right in today’s NBA. It’s not out of the question he becomes an All-Star soon after his rookie season, and he’s always good for a few highlight-worthy plays.

If Dallas wants to get serious about contending they must start rebuild now. The Mavericks will soon let go of the franchise’s best player in Dirk Nowitzki, meaning a new star must emerge. Obtaining Lonzo Ball would be a serious jolt to a franchise in serious need of some playmakers.

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