NBA Trade Rumors: Why are the Chicago Bulls trying to trade Jimmy Butler?

What are the Chicago Bulls thinking? According to Bleacher Report, the Bulls may be willing to shop Jimmy Butler. Huh? This is like listening to offers for Derrick Rose when he was playing at an MVP level.


Butler was supposed to be the face of the Bulls and this was before the Rose trade and well before the arrival of Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. Maybe it’s something brewing behind closed doors that hasn’t come to light yet but whatever it is the Bulls better get a haul in return for Butler.

Butler is a two-way player, for the season he has averaged 25 points, seven rebounds, and five assists. With those numbers, the Bulls will need a player equal to or greater than his output. One team that comes to mind are the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are the “Trade Bait” team this season with a roster full of young talent and quite possibly the Brooklyn Nets top 3 pick in this coming Draft.

But, even with a move of this magnitude looming the Bulls must be careful. There is no guarantee that a young player entering the league will shine right away and with Wade and Rondo both entering the twilight of their careers the Bulls should be looking for extra help to pair with Butler instead of shipping him out-of-town.

The Bulls are struggling with an 18-18 record and may have decided to hit the panic button way too soon. But, Butler? Why not ship Rondo or Wade instead of your face of the franchise? The team still is in the midst of working on chemistry with three alpha males leading the way. If the Bulls were to right the ship right around the trade deadline then they still have half the season to make up ground before the playoffs start.

If this is indeed true, the Bulls may set themselves back another two years in terms of growth and will make the Wade and Rondo signing look just as stupid as these rumors.

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