Grey’s Anatomy: This is Alex Karev’s season to shine

Raise your hand if you hated Justin Chambers character Alex Karev when Grey’s Anatomy first aired. How could you not? He was brash, bold, a rebel and just a complete a**hole. While characters were forming groups, it was easy to see why he was considered the Black Sheep of the herd. 

Karev bent and broke rules, but mainly it was in the best interest of the hospital and his patient. His love life was a complete mess, especially when it came to Izzie but he tried. Karev put himself out there and got hurt in the end.


He eventually got back in the saddle with Jo ( or whoever she is now) but, Karev has made an 180. So, why all the hate for making a mistake in beating the daylights out of Deluca? What was he supposed to do? How would any man react when coming home and seeing his live-in girlfriend laying under another man?

Karev is catching heat for the man he was five seasons ago and not for the man he is today. So unfair. At first, it didn’t hit me completely how much he had changed and what his presence on Grey’s Anatomy meant until Meredith left that last plea on his voice mail.

“We started with five, now it’s just the two of us”. “We’re all we got”.

Grey’s Anatomy has gone through enough doctors to fill three hospitals but the original interns are still Meredith and Alex. The last two standing, through divorces, deaths, babies, fights and ER drama. Karev has stood his ground and came out on top.

The show is still centered around Meredith but Karev deserves top billing for the growth of his character this season. His methods may be a bit unorthodox but he cares. He operates with his heart which gets him in trouble, but how many times can you actually say he was wrong? Karev is that good.

So, to see him go through what he has had to endure this season is heart wrenching but he didn’t run. He has stood his ground and still has decided to put the well-being of others ahead of his own personal worth. 

At the end of You Haven’t Done Nothing, Karev silently was willing to put his freedom on the line for Jo. This is not the same Karev we hated in the beginning, this is the character that has become just as important as Derek Shepherd was. He’s Meredith’s person, her support system, which makes him the most important person on the show.

Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t work without Alex and I’m glad that we finally got a chance to see his character blossom this season. 

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