Dallas Cowboys biggest test in playoffs will be themselves

The Dallas Cowboys will enter the 2016-17 NFL Playoffs with the same goal as the other 11 teams left standing. But, they may have the most difficult path as any of the other teams.

At first glance, it seems they will have no problem reaching Houston for Super Bowl 51 but that’s regular season success. The Cowboys were underdogs when the season began as they were without their starting QB, Tony Romo, questions concerning Jason Garrett’s job security and looking to climb an uphill battle against an improved NFC East.


But, that was on paper and well before two rookies were asked to lead the charge.

The story has been told all season long of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott and how they have brought Cowboys Nation flashback of Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. But, what’s missing is the unknown territory they will face once they step on the field come playoff time. 

The regular season is 16 games of grunt and skill, while the playoffs may require a bit of luck and experience. The Cowboys are good, and I mean Super Bowl good but the same can be said for Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Eli Manning. Each of those QB’s has led their respective teams to a title but not in their first season.

Prescott is not Romo, Elliott is not DeMarco Murray but they are still rookies. They say defense wins championships, while that may be true, there is still a thing called experience that plays a huge role.

The Cowboys have played tight games and their talent has pulled them to the top but what happens when a mistake is made and the walls begin to close in? There is no next week, no need to watch game film come Monday morning. A loss and it’s time to clean out the locker and head home for a vacation. 

The Cowboys have faced pressure this season but that they are about to go against they have never felt. Prescott will be blitzed, Elliott’s lanes will be clogged and Dez Bryant will be grabbed. What will they do? Will Garrett finally be able to shake that stink of playoff failure or will he continue to crack under pressure?

There is not a team in the NFL as dangerous as the Cowboys and I truly believe the only team that can beat the Cowboys, is the Cowboys. 

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