Jennifer Lopez is still searching for acceptance with Drake relationship

When you are one of the top entertainers in the world and your face is plastered on billboards and magazines, you become a target. Not so much in the criticism department but a target for lust.

For years, Jennifer Lopez has been described as eye candy for men, and some women. She is beyond beautiful, has the perfect shape and curves and that thick New York Spanish Bronx accent will drive anyone crazy but, nothing has worked for her in the relationship department. Many may wonder how and why that is but the truth is, we just don’t know. Lopez can have any man she wants but if you watch her decisions since she became who we lust after, you will begin to see a pattern of failed high-profile relationships and unions.


It all started with Puff Daddy (Sean Combs) and her drive to get the backing of the urban community as far as her music goes. It’s no different from what Madonna and Justin Timberlake did but by Lopez dating Puffy, she was instantly giving that cred. On the outside looking in it, all seemed well and good but in one night it changed and so did a few of our opinions of her in the process. Lopez was just breaking into Hollywood when that infamous shooting occurred involving Puffy and Hip-Hop artist Shyne. With Lopez caught in the middle, she was forced to make a decision. Stay with Puffy or make a break for it to save her Hollywood career. Bye-Bye Puffy.

Next up was Ben Affleck and her attempt to crossover. I’m sorry but call it what you want but, that was the goal there. Lopez needed to save face after the so-called embarrassment that the urban scene caused her and her PR team had to put a potential list of available men in front of her and she picked what seemed to be the squeaky clean image of Affleck. Their union was business related. It gave Ben a pass, and offered Lopez a shot at the Red Carpet, and not just for the sexy outfits she wore. J-Lo was now with a real A-lister and the world ate everything up they did, except for the movie that eventually tore them apart, Gigli. The movie was a flop, the media went looking for blood and their relationship could not handle the scrutiny. Lopez hooked her trailer to what she thought was the right trailer. Bye-Bye Ben.

After Ben, Lopez found the one in Marc Anthony. They got married had a few kids and tried to have a good union but, as you guessed it, it didn’t last. J-Lo and Anthony were perfect together. She went back to her roots and they seemed to be in love. Lopez and Anthony spent time away from the media and focused on family, but rumors swirled about infidelity and the marriage was over. During that time Lopez did manage to get in touch with her heritage as she spent more time releasing Spanish content but her personal life took a hit. Bye-Bye Anthony.

After Marc, her next high-profile relationship is now the “real or fake” one she’s having with Hip-Hop artist, Drake. Maybe this is to sell music, the same way it was with Diddy and if so, the plan is working to perfection. Drake and J-Lo are the talk of the industry and her name is once again being mentioned in urban circles. There are reports that she’s in it for just that while Drake is calling J-Lo the one. (That guy is too green to be in this business). Either way, this is not a love story, this is a business deal.


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