Hip-Hop: Remy Ma and Young M.A. must do collab album

Almost 20 years ago there were rumors of a possible Hip-Hop collab between two artists that would have changed the landscape of the game. It wasn’t the talk of Jay Z and Biggie dropping an album but it was directed towards their proteges, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim. At the time they were the two dominating females in the rap game.

As both began to climb as solo artist and with a slight Brooklyn connection, there were whispers of a joint Thelma & Louise album. But the two artists could never get the timing down and before long there was a feud that would end in them not speaking anymore, a shooting and Lil Kim going to prison.


Fast forward to 2017 and Hip-Hop has another chance to get right what Kim and Foxy couldn’t. 

Seasoned vet, Remy Ma and ticking time-bomb, Young M.A. could be exactly what the game needs. And not just from a female perspective but Hip-Hip as a culture. While listening to music these days I find myself drifting towards the old school tunes or searching through YouTube clips for the latest Young M.A., Remy Ma, and Papoose freestyle or the U.R.L. Tag Team battles. Hip-Hop is not what is once was, not saying these two ladies can solely bring it back but they have the attention of the masses right now and the skills to come damn close. 

When was the last time we had female spitters? Not rappers but females that could go toe-to-toe with the males and make them look horrible. Young M.A. is hungry, she spits as if her life depends on every bar and Remy was M.A. before she ever thought about picking up a pen and pad. Since her release from prison, she has done nothing but rip a hole in every track she has blessed. These ladies are more Hip-Hop than these skinny jeans wearing dudes out here. 

The masses are screaming for a Jay album, me, I’m sitting and waiting for a press release that Remy and Young have decided to join forces. 

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