Denver Broncos: Top 5 Head Coaching Candidates

When it comes to head coaching openings, there are few that as attractive as the Denver Broncos. With the surprise retirement of previous Head Coach Gary Kubiak, one of the most prestigious jobs in the league opened up. Who is right for this job? Here we will talk a look at the top 5 candidates for the opening in Denver. These will be ranked from bottom to top.


  1. Matt Patricia

Patricia is a hot name going around the league. The work that he puts into the New England Patriots defense is nothing short of commending. He epitomizes Bill Belichick to a tee. He is always prepared for his opponent and is very good at making in-game adjustments. He can even make these at a critical juncture. However, the Denver Broncos need someone who is offensive minded. Someone that can come in and groom Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch to their system and let the defensive minds do their thing. Patricia is a strong candidate but is not a good fit for Denver.


  1. Anthony Lynn.

Lynn is a former assistant coach with the Buffalo Bills. He was the one-game interim head coach after they relieved Rex Ryan of his duties. Lynn has a lot of respect around the league and is a highly sought-after head coach. He has a strong offensive mind and would be great for a young QB such as Siemian. If the Broncos do pursue Lynn I could see him keeping a lot of the current coaches that were on the staff. This is something that John Elway would like to see in order to keep some sort of continuity.

  1. Dave Toub

Toub is just recently been brought into several openings to be interviewed. His name has come on strong in recent weeks. He has had one of the best special teams units since he arrived in Kansas City 4 years ago. It is very rare that a special team coordinator makes the jump to head coach. However, the growth of his special team unit has been a strong reason the Chiefs won the AFC West Division in 2016. If he can bring that growth with him along with some solid assistants he could make a team very successful.


  1. Vance Joseph

Joseph was within inches of becoming the head coach of the Denver Broncos prior to Gary Kubiak. Joseph got the attention of John Elway during several interview sessions. Elway was getting set to make his mind up on Joseph when he received the call from Kubiak. Joseph is a strong defensive-minded candidate. Again, as with Matt Patricia, I am not sure if this is what the Denver Broncos need at this time. I know that Joseph is high on the Denver radar. I hope that if he is selected he has an OC who is also good with young QBs in mind.


  1. Kyle Shanahan

Shanahan is the son of former Denver Bronco Head Coach Mike Shanahan. He is being interviewed for several of the current openings, including the Denver Broncos. He has grown his name in the coaching ranks over the past couple of years. He is an offensive genius. He can develop a game plan that will beat any opponent on any given Sunday. He can beat the most complex of defenses with his offensive schemes. I think he would make a good fit in Denver because of this innate ability. The Broncos are going to have to act quickly on this one if they expect to lure him to Denver.

This opening is one of the most appealing to any of the candidates. They have a solid defense and strong offense. The offense includes 2 young, groom able QBs. The key will be keeping any of the current staff. I think that this is going to be a selling point for John Elway. The stronger that answer, the more likely that person will become the next head coach of the Denver Broncos.

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