Pretty Little Liars New Year’s Resolutions

To all my Pretty Little Liars fans, we made it. 2016 is over and we are only three months away from the final 10 episodes of our favorite show.

Name another show that has had the world waiting. Name another show that has managed to keep its audience on the edge of their seats for seven seasons with pretty much the same storyline. 

It’s 2017 and we finally get to see who’s been terrorizing these 5 women since the first text came. 


Each character brings a different element to End Game. We will take a look at a few of the main ones and what they hope the New Year will bring.

Spencer: Will she be reunited with Toby or remain heartbroken? How will she react knowing that Mary Drake is not her aunt but her biological mother? Will she confront her father and mother in an epic showdown and learn the truth? When the dust settles, will it hit her that her sister Charlotte was the cause of so much heartache in her life?

Resolution: Spencer has more than skeletons in her closet. She must deal with her past while keeping her thoughts towards the future. She has the most to gain and lose in 7B.

Aria: Will she marry Ezra? How will she react to Nicole’s return? Lucy Hale has said that her character will be darker in 7B but, what does that exactly mean? Is she revealing herself as Uber A? 

Resolution: Aria will need to be strong as her world may come crashing down. This is the season where Aria will become more assertive and take charge.

Hanna: What will become of her and Caleb? How meant to be are they? In the last 10 episodes will see more of the strong-will Hanna that we were treated to in 7A or will she revert back to her shell?

Resolution: Hanna will need to keep her focus in 7B. She may be the strongest of the Liars and they will need her when Uber A makes his/her final push.

Emily: Em’s life was in utter turmoil in 7A but she seemed to find her groove towards the Summer Finale. She got the one thing she cared about the most, Alison but, Emily’s life could be in for a world of hurt. Paige looks to be out for blood as she seems ready to knock any person out of Emily’s life that’s standing in her way. But, the main question for Emily is; “Is Alison carrying her child and if so can they make it work”?

Resolution: What Emily must focus on is her personal life. She needs to find a balance and may need to be single for a while. Relationships have not been kind to her and if Alison breaks her heart again it may force Emily down a dark path in 7B.

Alison: How will the baby affect Alison going forward? I miss the old sneaky Alison. The one that was always two steps ahead of the girls and one step ahead of ‘A’. Will that Alison return for 7B or will we continue to get this scared little puppy of a character? Is Alison ready to be the person that Emily needs in her life or was their 7A hookup just a part of some master plan?

Resolution: Time for Alison to make a major decision. She is now caring for two and can no longer play the victim (if she is). She must confront Mary Drake, her father and Spencer’s family to get the truth about what’s going on and why there are so many secrets.


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