Denver Broncos: 3 observations from the Kansas City Smoke Out

The Denver Broncos are done. Their loss in week 16 ended their chances at making the 2016 postseason. What is next? They have a week 17 matchup against their arch-rival Oakland Raiders. Can they finish the season strong? What happened on Sunday? Here are my observations from the Kansas City Smoke out!

Defense quit

The Denver Broncos have a very solid defense. But for the first time, this season they did not look like the defense that dominates every game, or at least keeps the Broncos competitive. After last week’s game, it was reported that the Broncos offense and defense had some word in the locker room. On Sunday night it looked as though the defense said if you can’t do it, we are not going to either. Whether or not that is true, I do not know, but that is how it looked.

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No Brandon Marshall, No middle coverage

The Denver Broncos were without middle linebacker Brandon Marshall on Sunday. That resulted in the Kansas City Chiefs using TE Travis Kelcie far more that they should have. Kelcie accounted for almost half of the completions for QB Alex Smith. Had the Broncos had Marshall this may not have been as bad as it was. I know that Marshall is not as good at covering as Danny Trevathan was, but he was capable of limiting damage. The Broncos really suffered on defense from the injury bug last night.

Remember the Tebow Jump Pass

The Denver Broncos once had a player by the name of Time Tebow. He ran a play in college in which he would look as though he was going to dive into the line of scrimmage but then pop up and pass the ball. The Chiefs ran the same play last night. With the game well in hand and the ball on the 2 yards line the Chiefs put in the heaviest QB in NFL history, 348lb Dontari Poe. He proceeded to run a play the Chiefs called Tebow Jump Pass. This play basically rubbed the victory in the face of the Denver Broncos. Remember this play for next season Denver, it should motivate you to make sure you become a better football team.

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The Denver Broncos are out of the playoffs. They can still be a factor in them, however. Beat the Raiders and you prevent them a chance at home-field. Also ending the season on a winning note could go a long way with this offense in 2017.

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