Washington Redskins 3 observations from victory over Da Bears

Week 16 in Chicago was a good bounce back week for the Washington Redskins. They positioned themselves for one final run at the playoffs. They will need to get that much-needed must win in week 17. What did they do in week 16 to secure the win? Here are 3 observations from Saturday’s win in Chicago.


The Washington Redskins defense finally showed up for once this season. It helps that they played the Chicago Bears. However, if this defense can repeat this same performance going forward they can be a team to reckon with in the playoffs. The defense got 5 interceptions off of starting QB Matt Barkley. The Redskins secondary blanketed the Bears receivers all day. This, combined with the pressure created by the frontline combined to be a recipe for success. Go figure, pressure creates turnovers. The Redskins can use the same formula going forward and have success against any team they play.

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Commitment to the run

The Washington Redskins offense was balanced on Saturday. They need to also continue this going forward. A steady run game creates opportunity in the passing game. I have said it all season that it is not about the quality of the run game but the quantity. In 5 games this season, when the Redskins have less than 20 carries they are 0-5. In the remaining 10 games in which they have 20 or more carries, the Redskins are an astounding 8-1-1. So you see, the offense needs the quantity to be effective. They have a solid back in Rob Kelley to keep this ground success. There should be a renewed attempt at running the football in the coming weeks.

Score early and score often

I said in my keys that the Washington Redskins needed to score early and score often. There needs to be no let up because the offense would never know if the defense would stop the Bears. The Redskins did just that on Saturday. After a rough start on their first drive, the Washington Redskins offense found out that it could not be stopped. Everything they did was successful. This is the mentality of this offense going into week 17. The Redskins know what they got in the New York Giants and have had much success against this team. They need to be on their offensive gas pedal again in week 17.

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The Washington Redskins now have a great chance of making the postseason. Yes, they still need some help, primarily from their arch-rival Dallas Cowboys. Week 17 is another MUST-WIN game. Without that win, the rest does not matter. Bring on the Giants and the playoffs. ALWAYS HTTR!!!

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