NFL: Surgeon claims that Derek Carr could return

There may actually be good news on the horizon for the Oakland Raiders. After they defeated the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday by the score of 33-25, it was reported that Quarterback Derek Carr had broken his fibula and would be out for the remainder of the season. It is more than likely expected that Matt McGolin will end up starting for the Raiders next week and then in the playoffs. However, if the team makes the Super Bowl, then it can get interesting.

Dr. Robert Klapper, a well-known doctor is now saying that if the Raiders happen to make the Super Bowl, then Raider fans should not count out Derek Carr. While it is not expected that he will be able to recover that fast, Dr. Klapper is not ruling out a possible return this season. He tweeted out on his official twitter account (@Dr.RobertKlapper), “#RAIDERS. Cannot anticipate how quickly #CARR will heal no matter how well Surgery goes. If SUPERBOWL is likely, DON’T COUNT HIM OUT!”

He happens to host a podcast called Weekend Warrior for ESPN Radio, where he will go ahead and talk about the player’s injuries on a weekly basis. It should be noted that his expertise has been accurate and interesting. The engaging surgeon also served as one of the specialist behind the scenes on the popular medical drama, ER, that aired in the 1990s. While it should be noted that Marcus Mariota of the Titans also suffered a similar injury, the reason why Dr. Klapper figures Carr will have a quicker recovery is due to where the break in the bone happened for Carr. Again, none of this doesn’t happen if the Raiders are not playing in the Super Bowl come February of 2017.

Oakland is a good enough team that the loss of Derek Carr will make it slightly tougher for them in the playoffs, fans of the Oakland Raiders should be thankful for some Christmas miracle.

The Oakland Raiders wrap up the 2016 season on New Year’s Day as they play the Denver Broncos at 4:25 pm.

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