Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream

The Kansas City Chiefs are hosting the Denver Broncos in week 16 NFL action on Christmas night. All the information to tune into this game is listed below.

The Denver Broncos believe it or not are still alive in the AFC playoff picture. They will need to get a win on Sunday night in order to keep them alive in week 17 as well. Can the Denver Broncos tame the beast that is the Kansas City Chiefs? Here are my week 16 keys to a Broncos win.

Contain Travis Kelcie

The Denver Broncos defense is very strong against the pass. They are so strong that they are the number one team in the league against the pass. However, that usually does not include the tight end. The Broncos have not fared well in 2016 against the TE. Teams have been able to utilize their TEs very frequently against the Denver defense. If the Broncos can figure out how to tame Travis Kelcie, they should be able to have much more success on the outside receivers.

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Get back to basics

The Denver Broncos have struggled on all points of offense over the past couple of weeks. They are failing to get the ball to their receivers, failing to run, and most of all failing to score points. This is not just TDs either. They are flat out failing to score points in general. You cannot win unless you score. Yes, you have one of the best defenses in the league, but they cannot do it all. The Broncos need to figure out a way to move the football and get into scoring range. Running the ball with basic dives, traps and off tackles are going to be the best way to get your offense back on track. This will allow Trevor Siemian and the rest of the offense opportunity to do what they are good at.

Keep an eye on Tyreek Hill

The Kansas City Chiefs can do multiple things with WR Tyreek Hill. They use him in the run game, the screen game and even in the deep passing game. The Denver Broncos need to keep a solid eye on this playmaker. He can turn the game into a one-man wrecking crew. He has that ability. His speed alone is a game changer. If the Denver defense fails at this task, they may not have a Merry Christmas.

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The Denver Broncos will need some help to go along with their victory on Sunday. This is a team that has faced adversity all year. It is about time they perform in the wake of that adversity. Can these teams replicate the last time they played on Sunday Night Football? Tune in to find out.

Date: December 25, 2016

Start Time: 6:25pm EST

Location: Kansas City, MO

Stadium: Arrowhead Stadium

TV Info: NBC

Live Stream: NBCSports





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