WWE Rumor killer: AJ Styles, Randy Orton not to collide in early 2017

Several months ago there was a rumor going around that was saying we would be seeing Randy Orton go into a program with AJ Styles in early 2017.

However, it’s now being reported that Randy Orton and AJ Styles are not set to face each other anytime soon. Basically, since both AJ Styles and Randy Orton are heels, the only way you can realistically do anything between the two is by turning one of them babyface. However, it seems unlikely that we will be seeing AJ Styles or Randy Orton turn face anytime soon. Randy Orton had recently turned heel after a run as a babyface and joined the Wyatt Family. In the beginning, it was seen as an odd pairing. But now the Orton/Wyatt Family storyline has turned out one of the better angles on Smackdown in 2016.

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When Orton first joined Bray Wyatt and his family, many thought that he would end up turning on Bray Wyatt shortly after joining. It may have been the plan at one point to have Orton turn on Wyatt, but it seems that those plans have changed and the Wyatt Family will probably be Smackdown Tag Champions for several more months. The feeling now is that the Wyatt Family will more than likely drop the belts to the team known as American Alpha at WrestleMania 33.

While the story line for the Wyatt Family seems more than expected that they will collide with American Alpha, the storyline for AJ Styles for WrestleMania is more of a mystery. A lot of the plan for AJ Styles for WrestleMania will become clearer after the Royal Rumble. It is expected that he will end up defending the title against either Undertaker or John Cena. If they go AJ Styles to go up against Undertaker at the Royal Rumble, then there is a possibility that he drops the belt to the Phenom. Then you can see Undertaker defend the WWE title against John Cena at WrestleMania 33. This would leave AJ Styles out of the World Title picture and in need of an opponent.

This is a rumor killer to a rumor being thrown around a few months ago.

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