Pretty Little Liars: If one had to die who would you want?

If reports and hints are true then we can expect a huge loss to the show in the final 10 episodes of the Pretty Little Liars saga. But who will die? PLL has been known to leave viewers on the edge of their seats and we should expect nothing less with the show coming to an end, but, the question must be asked; “do the writers have the heart to kill off one of the Liars”?

At the end of the Summer Finale, Spencer was shot and just as she and the girls have done for seven seasons, she survived. But, how do you end a successful show like this, that has been full of mystery and death and not kill off a major character, if not for shock value alone?

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So, the question is; “who dies”?


Truth be told, I believe Spencer knows who Uber A is without knowing she knows. Spencer is too damn smart to not have figured this out and I believe that ‘A’ has revealed him/herself to Spencer this season but she has yet to put the pieces together. But, here is the catch when Spencer is concerned. If Mary Drake is indeed her mother, then that would make Charlotte her sister and Mary Drake will do whatever she has to do to not lose another daughter. If Uber A was coming after Spencer, ‘A’ would have made sure that Jenna finished her off in the Summer Finale. Spencer seems like a logical choice as she seems to have a family full of secrets and no one seems to have her back but she holds the key to unlocking the mystery.


Aria is sneaky. Remember she’s the one that was having sex with a teacher, so she can hold secrets pretty well. But, does she deserve to die? Early on Aria was a follower, but as the seasons progressed so did her character. Many believe that Uber A won’t kill her, well because she is Uber A. Now, that theory remains to be seen but there is a chance Aria could be taken out. There is a mystery in her backstory that the show has not gotten into yet and I’m pretty sure we will get to see a darker side of her in 7B. Let’s not force that Nicole may be on her way back with Ezra, the man she was getting ready to marry.


If I had to choose one, Emily would be the girl who gets taken out. I don’t have any hate for Em, but let’s be honest here, her character is a bit on the boring side. She has her tough moments but in the end, she’s a lost soul. Her relationships have all been a disaster, her schooling has been a waste and her ties with Pigface Paige may be her downfall. Emily has never been happy as she has not gotten the one thing she has ever wanted, Alison, but that all changed in the Summer Finale. I would hate to see Emily go, but if someone had to, I chose her.


In the early seasons, Hana took hits left and right due to her self-esteem but once Caleb came along, everything changed for her. She was still a little naïve in ways but by 7A, Hana had transformed. Not in a bad way either. When Hana went after Noel on her own, the switch was flipped and she got that look of death in her eyes. She has gone through a lot since Ali disappeared and after came back. Hana is no longer a follower, she speaks her mind and will fight for what’s hers. To see Hana go will be a blow, but best believe if she is the one, she will not go out without a fight.


At some point, everyone wanted her dead. Alison is the obvious choice, or she was the obvious choice. Ali was the original mean girl but she has changed. The story of ‘A’ began because of her but Uber ‘A’ has come after Alison as well and with no such luck. If Alison were to catch a bad break, would we miss her? To be honest, no. For most of the show she was nothing but flashbacks but since her return, we have yet to see that smart and conniving person that keep everyone on their toes in the beginning. While it will be a blow to the girls, especially Emily that Ali is dead, most fans wouldn’t even notice.

So, which of the girls, if one had to die would you miss the most?



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