Why is it so hard for Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey and others to keep a man?

As a man, I watch women like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Aniston and think; “how in the world are they not able to keep a man”? Not just keep one but have him not stray.

Famous women, public relationships and even bigger public breakups. To the average man sitting at home, these are our fantasy women. Lopez with the exotic body, Berry with the ageless beauty, Mariah Carey with that seductive voice and Aniston with the innocent girl-next-door look. But yet, they are always heartbroken.

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Lopez has not made it work with any man. Berry has been cheated on, Carey gets left more than a receipt at an ATM and Aniston just up and let some side piece steal her husband. The problem is, they each need a regular guy. Someone that works in construction, a chef, a mailman or a couch potato. Hollywood relationships are as fake as the booty on Nicki Minaj but that’s not to say that people don’t try.

Look at Oprah. She and Stedman have been together for years. No marriage, no tabloids or Reality Shows, they just know what works for them and they do what they do. Lopez has been in a few high-profile relationships and each has crashed and burned. Now, there are reports that she may be getting back together with hr ex-husband Marc Anthony after his divorce. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you have to split from one another in order to grow.

Berry has been humiliated in public with has men wondering if she is just one screwed up person in the head. Who in their right mind would ever cheat on Berry? But, we have no idea what she’s like behind closed doors. Maybe she is the ultimate diva, her breath stinks or maybe, just maybe she is not that good in bed. Men cheat for crazier reasons but just because all we see is Halle Berry does not mean she is not without flaws?

Poor Aniston. She was just another lady that fell victim to that Hollywood life. Chemistry is a b****. On the set of one of his movies, her husband at the time, Brad Pitt fell for his co-star, Angelina Jolie and well, let’s just say that Aniston was left out in the cold and this happened in front of the world. We had to watch as she mended her heart then watched as other relationships of hers just fizzled out.

Carey is the diva that’s not willing to let that title go and in the long run, will forever ruin any chance at happiness. She has the looks but her personality screams; “get away from me”. What’s funny is that she has a Reality Show about an upcoming marriage that’s not happening. That alone tells you how hard she is to deal with. Most people would have tanked the show after the breakup but publicity sells.

These women are independent, successful, smart, beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Maybe it’s a self-esteem issue or no matter how famous they are, they just may not be the best when it comes to relationships. Not saying that any woman deserves to be cheated on, abused or whatever but, how are they any different from the girl who works at Walmart?

I wish these women could find love and maybe they don’t care for it. It could be a case of them just being lonely. Either way, neither has had the best luck in finding love but I’m here to let them know that I am more than willing to test my theory.


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