Washington Redskins: 3 observations from the Debacle in DC!

Week 15 was supposed to be a game in which the Washington Redskins solidified their playoff spot. That did not happen. They played the part of a doormat and let an inferior Carolina Panthers team control them in every situation. Now they have to fight to get in the tournament. Here are 3 of my many observations from the debacle in DC.

D means District, not defense

The Washington Redskins defense is not very good. Let’s just be honest. They are going to have to figure a way to find some defense in the final 2 weeks. They have 2 winnable games in front of them, however, if there is not an attempt on defense then they will continue this downfall. Yes, that includes a loss to the Chicago Bears, the Redskins next opponent. The Bears are playing some god football and with the lack of defense that is being demonstrated in Washington, it could be a lot closer than it should be. If there is no defense in DC the Washington Redskins will suffer 2 bombings in the coming weeks.

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Goodbye Joe Berry

It is time for Defensive Coordinator Joe Berry to go. There needs to be a changing of the guard in 2017. This guy is not a defensive coordinator. He needs to stick to being a position coach. Do you remember the 2008 Detroit Lions? Who was the defensive coordinator? Ahhhh, that’s right, Joe Berry! This guy is about as incompetent as a goat. Cam Newton is horrible against the blitz and every time they blitzed he struggled. They should have blitzed more than 50% of the time on Monday night. Time is the only thing on Berry’s side. But that time is short-lived, maybe just 2 weeks.

No running game

The Washington Redskins seem to be transitioning to a solid run team early in the season. The move away from the slick hands of Matt Jones to Rob Kelley seemed like it was going to be tremendous. Over the last two or three weeks, the Redskins look like a pee wee team running the football. I am not sure where to even place the blame for this either. Is it on the o-line, play calling, or the running back? The Washington Redskins ran the ball a grand total of 13 times on Monday night and 2 of those were by the QB. In order to move forward as a playoff team, there needs to be a running game. No running game will make it tough.

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The Washington Redskins have a glimmer of hope to make the playoffs. There are a couple of scenarios that come into effect in week 16, which is a different article! Right now, the Washington Redskins 7-6-1 and sitting in the 8th seed. That is who they are. WAKE UP WASHINGTON REDSKINS YOU ARE A BETTER THAN AVERAGE FOOTBALL TEAM! ALWAYS HTTR!!!!

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