Is Jennifer Lopez doing the cougar thing with Hip-Hop artist Drake?

According to Hollywood rumors, Jennifer Lopez has not run back to ex-husband, Marc Anthony but she may have run into the arms on another man, Drake.

Last week Drake visited Lopez in Las Vegas for her residency return at Planet Hollywood where there were reports that the two entertainers spent some alone time together Monday night. From what was spotted from an eyewitness, it seems that the two were straddling the fence of friendly outing and romantic date.

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The upscale restaurant, Delilah is normally closed on Monday’s but since Drake held his lavish 30th birthday party there the staff was more than willing to accommodate Drake’s and Lopez entourage for what looked like a friendly get together.

If it’s a rumor or not, what’s wrong with this union? I’m not a fan of Drake’s music but I am now a fan of his personal He pulled Lopez, what man doesn’t want that on his tombstone? As far as Lopez goes, maybe this will work for her.

The industry is full of shady people and even shadier relationships. Drake has had his fair share and so has Lopez. I wish them the best of luck and hope they can make a strong union together.

But, please remember this is just a rumor and the two are working on a music project together but in this business, it’s easy to get caught up in emotions on a late night recording session.


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