UFC: Brock Lesnar’s punishment has been announced

You shouldn’t expect to see Brock Lesnar back in the octagon anytime soon as he received his punishment for failing the two drug tests during UFC 200 that happened this past summer.

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He tested positive for a pair of anti-estrogen drugs that are known as clomiphene and hydroxy-clomiphene during out-of- competition samples that were collected on June 28 and July 9th, the night of his match against Mark Hunt. He was suspended for one year that was retroactive to the date of his fight with Hunt. He also was fined $250,000 and had his win over Hunt overturned to a no-contest. The actual terms of the agreement were already set prior to the Nevada State Athletic Commission had a hearing regarding the matter on Thursday. Supposedly, the commission ended up voting unanimously to accept the terms of the agreement. This fine is equal to approximately ten percent of Lesnar’s $2.5 million that Lesnar earned for the fight with Hunt at UFC 200.

With regards to everything being announced regarding Lesnar, it finally puts a close to his tumultuous return to the UFC to rest. When Lesnar made his return to the UFC for UFC 200, it was the first time he was in a UFC match in over five years. Following this incident, it seems unlikely that Lesnar will return to the UFC, however, if he does decide to return then he won’t be eligible to return until July 9, 2017. Also, it should be indicated that if Lesnar does decide to return, then he will need to submit to clean drug samples at the intervals of 30,15, and 3 days prior to his return.

When Brock Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt in fast fashion, Hunt took his frustrations on Lesnar on to social media as he accused the WWE superstar of using some sort of drugs. It seemed UFC wasn’t doing anything about it for some time and Hunt got to the point that he was going to leave UFC altogether. So, it is safe to assume that Mark Hunt is very happy by the punishment Lesnar received.

Brock Lesnar happens to be the 2nd UFC fighter to be suspended in 2016 as it was also reported that around the time of UFC 200, Jon Jones was being suspended for also failing a drug test that was administered prior to the UFC event.

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