WWE: 3 Tag Teams who can dethrone the New Day

The New Day have broken the 28-year record that once held by the team known as Demolition as New Day has held the titles for 479 days. There have been many fans within the WWE universe who want the New Day to drop the belts already as they don’t need the belts anymore. Since they broke the record, here are three teams who in my opinion could easily see dethroning the New Day and become the new tag team champions on Raw.
I am only figuring this out from a logical standpoint, but here are the three teams I could see winning the tag team titles on Raw:

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1- Cesaro and Sheamus: These guys get another chance this Sunday at Roadblock to claim the titles and I think they will. These two guys were paired up by Raw general manager Mick Foley after they had a draw in their final match of the best of seven series they had over the summer. Since they were put together supposedly to tell a story of two guys who don’t like each other. However, they have worked very well together. However, if they are ones to pull it off, I don’t see it being a long run at all and could see them dropping it by WrestleMania 33.

2- The Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows)- When the Club fist made their presence known on WWE a few months ago, the feeling was that they were going to dethrone the New Day very fast. However, WWE has booked this dynamic duo very badly and has made them lose a lot of credibility over the last few months.

3- Enzo and Big Cass- I have wanted Enzo and Big Cass to win the belts for a long time. I figure their time will come and I figure if they do win it, it won’t be until WrestleMania 33. The only question I have is will they dethrone New Day for the belts or is it one of the other teams mentioned on this list?

I also picked these teams because I feel these are the teams that are in the running for the belts. I can’t see teams like the Shining Stars or the Golden Truth being in the running anytime in the foreseeable future. All I know is New Day has had a nice run, but its time to drop the belts already.

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