Hip-Hop: Why Eminem must sign Young M.A

14 years ago Hip-Hop was forever changed when Eminem took a chance on a rapper that everyone turned their backs on.

When Eminem and Dr.Dre signed 50 Cent no one knew what to expect, not even the two Hip-Hop heavyweights. What 50 was able to do to the rap game then is the same that Young M.A is set to do now.

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For those that’s been living under a rock for the past year, Young M.A is the breath of fresh air the game been missing. It’s not about the gender of the spitter but it’s the fearlessness and hunger that sets her apart from her peers, rivals, and current new artist.

How many times have you heard someone say after seeing her in person; “damn, I always thought she was a dude”? She’s that nice. But, the game is not meant for nice, it’s built for record sales and exposure.

Much like 50 was back then, Young M.A has made her own lane in the underground scene with loads of heat on mixtures and features. Now it’s time for someone to offer that contract. But, not just anyone. It has to be a label that’s willing to take on the responsibility of letting Young M.A be Young M.A.

She’s no Nicki Minaj, and any label that tries to market her besides Shady/Aftermath will fail. 50 was lucky he didn’t fall into the hands of Jay Z or Puff Daddy. They were mainstream by then and still had a street edge but they were more business-minded that Hip-Hop. Eminem was about the quality of the music and once he signed 50, he let 50 be himself.

Young M.A is a flamethrower, a stick her chest out type of individual who will come into the game to destroy. No R&B hooks, no guest appearances by Adelle or chocolate Droppa. She is Hip-Hop, the bold in your face and don’t give a f**** what you think throwback to the MC Lyte and Queen Latifah days.

The game needs her more than you know. Who cares about her sexual preferences or the way she dresses? We want, need and crave those bars she spits. I read where people have and called her arrogant. Well, so what. We have become so accustomed to these bubble gum rappers that we’ve forgotten how we felt when 50 came through like hurricanes do.

Little do you know, we are watching history repeat itself. If she’s willing to go the major label route, there is only one that will let her be herself.

Eminem, if you’re reading this, reach out to this talented young lady and let her be herself before this industry gets a hold of her and takes away the originality that we love so much.

She is the future of Hip-Hop and she will change the game the same way 50 Cent did.

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