Thanks to a collection of successful films, Taron Egerton ready for Hollywood dominance

With his upcoming role in the animated film, Sing, Taron Egerton is at the top of his game. The England-born star has taken over the American cinematic landscape. As a result, he’s become a must-see star in Hollywood.

At 27-years-old, Egerton is fairly new to the exposure of American cinema. With his breakout role in Kingsman and distinguished English accent, he’s become one of the most noticeable actors in Hollywood in a very short time.

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Since Kingsman’s release in 2014, Egerton has remained relatively quiet in Hollywood, only appearing in the 2015 film, Legend, starring Tom Hardy. However, it was 2016 that really saw Taron Egerton become a more noticeable name, as he took the lead alongside Hugh Jackman in Eddie the Eagle.

Egerton’s newest film, Sing, is an animated picture centered around music. It’s the actors first time featured in an animated film, and considering Egerton has an of love music and singing, it’s a role perfectly suited for him.

While Sing is Egerton’s latest picture, there are quite a few other films for fans to get excited over. Coming up for Egerton is the anticipated sequel to Kingsman, which will hit theaters on October 6, 2017.

After starring in both Kingsman films and Eddie the Eagle, Egerton has experience being the leading man. His other 2017 film, Billionaire Boys Club, sees him star alongside Emma Roberts as the lead actor. In addition, Egerton has been rumored to have locked up the role of Robin Hood in the upcoming 2018 film of the same name.

Interestingly, Egerton turned down a role in X-Men: Apocalypse to play Cyclops. Imagine how much more noticeable he would have been had he taken the part. Regardless, that just shows you how highly regarded he is among Hollywood producers.

Being named one of GQ’s 50-best dressed British men in 2015, Egerton knows a thing or two about looking the part of a movie star. He’s also added a great collection of films to his resume, proving he’s more than just fashionable. And while Egerton isn’t a household name in America, his stock is only going to soar with every film he’s in.

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