Hip-Hop: Why Slaughterhouse is the greatest group ever

Hip-Hop has had its fair share of solid groups throughout its history. N.W.A., The L.O.X., Brand Nubian, Wu-Tang Clan and much more. Now, when many view group I mean a group with at least 3 or 4 MC’s, not an RUN-DMC, Pete Rock and CL Smooth or A tribe Called Quest. Nowadays it’s hard to get guys to be featured on a track let alone an entire album.

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This is where the greatness of Slaughterhouse comes into play. The group is made up of four heavyweight spitters that take pride in each bar, sometimes forgetting that a hook even exists. Lyrics are a forgotten art form now if the beat is banging and the hook is recitable, then the record becomes a smash.

Slaughterhouse does not fit into that category. These are the guys standing outside of the Barbershop battling all day. The ones that crowds form around and have to stop in mid-flow because of the ooh’s and ahhs after an ill metaphor. Pretty much the kind of MC’s that today’s elementary school rappers are scared to admit exist.

Joe Budden is the storytelling truth spitter. When Mouse rhymes he gives you his heart on his sleeve but in-between you will hear some of the best bars in Hip-Hop.

Too many dogs, not enough barkin yet
Too many blueprints, not enough architects
Rhyme ain’t started yet, still every bar’s a mess
FUCK record sales or who the machine markets best
I’m the last muh’fucker that y’all should test
I’m the sharp shooter, you the nigga I target next
Too many frontin like y’all that fly
REACH it, cause we set the bar that high (FOOL)

Crooked I is the lyrical trap star of the crew. His West Coast style fits right in with the others and when hearing him rhyme, if not for that West accent you would think he was from the East. Crook hits you in the chest with a raw delivery that will leave you second-guessing your position in the music biz.

You rappers chasing popularity by any means, doing silly things
Buying too many size 20 skinny jeans
The west treat me like I’m really king
I’m Pacquiao in the Phillipines, illest thing niggas seen
You rappers dressing like you fittin to sing Billie Jean

Joel Ortiz is the street corner MC with the metaphors that will turn your favorite rapper into a fan. Ortiz can hold his anywhere and with anyone. His take of lyricism mixed with street tales makes him the underground version of Jay Z.

Little niggas get your weight up fuck y’all, pay up
My bars just as slick as my dick and both stay up
Nicer than me, say what? Wait up, straight up
I finish niggas right off the bat like a layup
I seen a lot of come, I seen a lot of go
But y’all know where I’m from, B-R double O
You know the rest pimpin’, yeah, I was bred different
Here come pops with the NY bop, you know, the leg limpin’

Royce is, well, the MC’s MC. I will make Royce’s bio quick. How many rappers can hold their own with Eminem and yet no one says he was ever outshined? How many MC can say they are in a group with Eminem? Enough said.

Lyrics be high quality
Bitches be givin me brain, my dick be deep in they heads like psychology
Independently pennin the best words that were ever said
The mixture of Leatherhead and Everclear
You can’t hide, we everywhere
Now, picture a grizzly standin next to a teddy bear

I can never disrespect the place some of these groups have in Hip-Hop history but when it comes down to bar-for-bar there is none better than these four MCs. They may never sell a million records and may never win any Grammy or American Music Award but that was never meant to be Hip-Hop in the first place. Individually, they are great but, together they are the best.

And if you think the four of them are unstoppable on a track, don’t forget they have an unofficial fifth member. Their label owner, Eminem. Wow.

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