Denver Broncos: 3 observations from loss at Tennessee

When the Denver Broncos faced the Tennessee Titans in week 14 you knew it was going to be a close game. The Broncos have a great offense and are capable of shutting down anyone. The Titans have youth and resiliency on their side. The Broncos needed the victory with a tough three-game stretch facing them in order to stay in the playoff race. Here are my 3 observations from Sunday’s loss at Tennessee.

Stick with Siemian

I am not saying that I have heard any different out in the sports world, but the Denver Broncos would be foolish to move away from this kid. When he is on the field the Broncos have a very practical passing game. It was evident in week 13, no Siemian when the Denver Broncos passing offense could only muster mere 104 yards with rookie QB Paxton Lynch under center. In week 14 against the Titans, The Broncos were able to throw the ball much better. Trevor Siemian was 35 of 51 for 334 yards, 1 TD, and no INTs. If Denver would have let Lynch throw the ball 51 times that would be a recipe for disaster. A better offensive line and healthy running game and this offense should be right where it needs to be. There really should be no talk of another QB for the Denver Broncos. This kid can play the part.

Refocus on the run

The Denver Broncos have had one of the best ground games in recent years. However, since the injury to starter CJ Anderson, the Broncos run game has been nonexistent. Many thought that rookie RB Devontae Booker would be ready when Anderson went down, that has not been the case. In my keys for the week, I mentioned the 3rd string back, Kapri Bibbs, he was unable to go due to injury. He seems to be a viable back. He hits the hole hard and has great speed and acceleration. Head Coach Gary Kubiak needs to recommit to the run. On Sunday the Denver Broncos offense ran the ball a grand total of 9 times. I am not sure that this is a proper formula for winning ball games. Denver needs to have a refocus on the run game. This would not only take pressure off QB Trevor Siemian but also off of your struggling O-line as well.

Find ways to win

The Denver Broncos know that they have one of the best defenses in the NFL. They need to relish that defense with a little more aggression on offense. The Denver Broncos need to find ways to win football games. They need to be a little more unconventional. Maybe a few more jet sweeps with Emmanuel Sanders. I would like to see some bigger shots taken downfield in short yardage situations. Since your 0-line is struggling with pass pro, have Siemian roll out and create those opportunities. There is a lot that Kubiak could do to throw some surprises at opposing defenses. NO matter what it is, something needs to be done if the conventional is not working.

The Broncos are still in control of their own destiny. They must find a way in a tough 3 game stretch. There could be some heartache along the way. But I think if fans of the Denver Broncos are patient, good things will happen.

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