Kim Kardashian having affair with Oakland Raiders player?

Hollywood Rumors are as common as the cold. They circulate daily on websites, radio and even sell some of the highest read magazines in the world. But are they true?

Some rumors are made up just to sell and some, just because people are bored. This week we got wind that Reality TV star Kim Kardashian may be having an affair with Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King.

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We must remember who we’re talking about before we begin to take this rumor seriously. The Kardashians are the King (no pun intended) and Queens of drama. Kim is the same women that would inform paparazzi of her whereabouts just to get her picture taken to keep her brand visible. The same woman who poses nude in her bathroom mirror for an I.G. selfie, as if she’s not married or has kids.

What are we to believe?

King is a celebrity in Los Angeles. How many punters can we say that about? He hits the nightlife and it was only a matter of time before he was seen with either an A-Lister or some type of entertainment personality.

But, Kim Kardashian of all people?

With husband Kanye West dealing with mental issues maybe she needed some relief. There’s no secret of her lust for African-American sports figures and entertainers so, who’s to say this affair couldn’t have happened?

While some may view this as me trashing her name, they must remember, I didn’t do the damage to her credibility, she already did that to herself. Look at it this way. Reggie Bush’s stock was falling, Kris Humphries was on outcast, and West is losing his grip on reality and his place among the Hip-Hop elite. His name is not what it used to be and he has not been able to deliver Jay Z and Beyonce to the E cameras as the Kardashians had hoped.

Kanye is no longer needed, much like Humphries, Bush or Lamar Odom. The Raiders are a hot commodity now. The team is winning and may reach the Super Bowl and Kim may be looking to hitch her wagon along for the ride.

An affair in Hollywood is not the same as an affair in Kansas. The Kardashian name is not the same as Johnson. But, this is still a rumor and if we know Kim Kardashian like we think we do, this is nothing more than a publicity stunt to keep her name in the tabloids.

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