New York Jets: Sorry Colin Kaepernick, but the fans don’t want you in New York

The New York Jets are in trouble. There’s no other way to put that. 2016 was to be the year they challenged the New England Patriots for top honors in the AFC East. All the cards were aligned for them to make a run. But…

The team that looked good on paper didn’t fit well with the scheme on the field. With Tom Brady serving a 4-game suspension, the acquisition of RB Matt Forte, the return of Ryan Fitzpatrick coupled with the offensive output of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, the Jets were ready to roll. But they faltered and continued to until it became a complete mess.

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It got so bad for the Jets that they looked to Geno Smith to save their season. Talk about being desperate. Darrelle Revis wants out, Marshall is mum, but you can read his body language and now, head coach Todd Bowles has forgotten to inform players they will no longer be playing this year.

Even with all the troubles this season the Jets are not that far off. If they can fix their QB situation the Jets will be in contention in 2017.

The Jets will be on the market heavy for a veteran signal caller. There should be no need to bring back Fitz or Smith or draft a player that may take 2-3 years to develop. The Jets are built to win now.

One name that has come up recently has been Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers. Kap has the experience, a Super Bowl appearance, two NFC Titles and a ton of confidence. But, he does come with baggage. Kap is the poster boy for controversy due to his stance or none thereof with the National Anthem. He rode the bench for the majority of the season but when Chip Kelly called his name Kap has responded with a few solid games this year.

With him becoming a Free Agent in 2017 there may be a few teams willing to take a risk but if the Jets fans have anything to say about it, it won’t be in New York. Fans have called him everything from washed up to racist. But, if Woody Johnson was to reach out how bad off would they be then they already are?

Kap has a cannon for an arm, the legs of Cam Newton and a winning resume but all some can see is the non-football-related issues. Can a team that is a good QB away afford to be that picky?

Would the fans rather have Jay Cutler or Tony Romo? Kaepernick is good but is he good enough to win over a fanbase that is tired of second-tier players? They are no Drew Brees, Tom Brady’s or Philip Rivers type arms out there so, they may be stuck with Kap for the time being.

But, Kap must be careful if he decides to come here. This is not the city to stage a personal protest, the fans want a winner, not a movement. Kap may want to be here, Woody and Bowles may want him here, but the fans want someone else.


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