NBA Trade Rumors: Could John Wall be on the move?

The Washington Wizards are in a position they probably thought they would ever be in..”Do we keep or trade John Wall”?

It may seem strange to some but have you actually sat and watched any Wizards games over the last 1.5 seasons? There is something terribly off with the team and according to some insiders, Wall may be the root of the issues.

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Think back to 2014 when the Wizards showed their promise in the playoffs, only to miss them the following season. Then this offseason Wall complained about the money certain players were receiving on other teams but offered a smirk as he watched his non-All-Star backcourt mate Bradley Beal signed a max deal.

There’s no denying that Wall is the face of the franchise but when you’re the top guy the praise as well as the criticism falls on your shoulders.  This is something Wall says he has no issue with but his demeanor on the court says differently.

Losing will do that to a player and maybe we are catching him on bad days but those days have been plentiful for the Wizards lately. His college teammate, DeMarcus Cousins didn’t do the NBA Trade Rumors any justice last week when he stated he would love for Wall to play with him in Sacramento, instead of Washington. Wall tried to play it off by saying he was happy in DC but you could read right through that.

Washington may be the only team that he has known during his NBA career but if the losing continues, either Wall of the Wizards may look to make a change soon enough. Wall is still in that top group of elite PGs but the ones above him are annual playoff participants. If Wall and the Wizards continue to struggle by the trade deadline you should expect to hear his name mentioned with the likes of the Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers or the Brooklyn Nets.

The clock is not only ticking on the Wizards season, it’s also ticking on the marriage of Wall and the Wizards.


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