Hip-Hop: Why the Jay Z and Nas album needs to happen in 2017

If Jay Z and Nas can’t do it because they want to do it, then they need to come together and do it for Hip-Hop.

We never got a chance at a Tupac and Biggie album. Never got to hear a Rakim and Big Daddy Kane or Common and Black Thought collab album, so why do Jay and Nas continue to rob us of Hip-Hop history?

According to both MCs, their past feud is over. And if that’s true then what’s the holdup? For over a decade fans have waited for them to hit the studio together and drop an album. We did have a few tracks but they were just teasers. Nas and Jay have had collabs with other rappers but when they get together it’s like the rest of the world stops as we are forced to hang on to their every word.

It may be an album of subliminal shots as a beef that big does not just fade away but this is for the people. We are forced to listen to possibly a Drake and Kanye West collab album but yet we are still twisting in the wind for the greats. Neither MC is getting any younger and before you know it our chance to hear two of the best will be gone. Jay’s last album was in 2013, that was three years ago. Since then he has done many collabs and guest features but has yet to drop a solo record. There has been wide speculation that he and wife Beyonce would do a studio album together but who really wants to hear that, but Bey fans?

We want Hip-Hop.

Nas last studio effort was in 2012, and as the same with Jay, he has been featured on many but no solo projects. I mean I get it, they are both getting older and have moved on to other ventures but if they are done, and I mean truly done with music then it’s only one way for them to go out. As one.

This will be their swan song, their ENCORE, and their thank you to Hip-Hop.

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