Hip-Hop: Eminem and Redman album finally on the way?

For years Eminem and Redman have shared a close bond and for years fans have wondered if we would ever get another song or maybe an entire album of the two Hip-Hop heavyweights.

With Eminem rumored to have an album on the way in 2017 could this be the year we finally get our wish?


Redman has been pretty much out of the public eye for years but he’s still making music. In 2016 he was set to Muddy Waters 2 and he has continued to collab with longtime rap partner Method Man but fans still wait in anticipation for that one collab.

Eminem can never leave the spotlight. He’s regarded as one of the top MCs ever, and still has a strong influence in the game with 50 Cent and now SlaughterHouse. His appearances on the B.E.T. Cypher are legendary and his last albums have kept his name atop the game. But Em needs this as much as Redman does.

Hip-Hop will never get that Jay and Nas album for whatever reason but the Red and Em collab can still happen. Both MCs are throwback rappers to the age when the lyrics still meant something to listeners. Nowadays it’s all hooks and sing-songs flows. To be able to hear to MCs attacking the mic as if their life depended on it is what Hip-Hop needs at this point. Em has been in battles with many and Red is never one to back down from any challenge but both should push hard for this album to happen.

At this point it’s not about the record sales or tour rights, this is for the love of their art form. Imagine having artists actually giving the people something they really want to hear. If it’s too much red tape to go through then they can always go the Fabolous route. Call up DJ Clue, get him to throw on some old school beats and both MCs go for broke. 16 bars vs 16 bars on 10 tracks.

This is what the game has been missing.

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