Washington Redskins: 3 observations from loss at Arizona

When the Washington Redskins entered week 13 they were the 6th seed in the NFC. All they had to do was continue to play well and they would hold on to that spot. Well, they laid a huge egg against the Arizona Cardinals and are now on the outside looking in. Can the recover in time? Here my post game observations from the loss to the Cardinals.

Defense needs work

The Washington Redskins defense is in dire need of a makeover. Whether it is from a coaching standpoint or the players involved there needs to be some change. The Redskins are currently the 24th ranked defense in the league. If it is not one thing it is another with this side of the ball. One game they look like one of the best run-stopping teams in the league and then the next week they cannot stop a crawling baby. Same goes for the pass defense. One week they will man up and look tremendous, then the next they will look like a strainer straining spaghetti. There is simply no consistency. I am not sure if that is related to the players, the coaches, or both. I know they are playing with a lot of youth on that side. With youth, there come mistakes. OK, understood. However, we are 13 weeks in and there should no longer be the mistakes on defense that we are seeing. If the Washington Redskins want to be considered a playoff perennial a wake-up call needs to be made.

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Jay Gruden laid into his team

Reports surfaced after the game that Head Coach Jay Gruden was so loud he could be heard through the brick walls in the media room. He was all into his players about their lack of preparation during the week. Rightfully so! If the players of the Washington Redskins took the Cardinals lightly during the week, it is no wonder they played the way they did. Jay Gruden is an emotional coach. That is one of the things that his players like about him. Many of the players were asked about the butt chewing and they all said it was deserving. All the fans and everyone on that field knows that team can play better. I expect a high-intensity week of practice and better effort in week 14 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kirk Cousins was not the fault

Many people are going to want to bash Kirk Cousins for his play on Sunday. He was not at fault for the loss. Yes, he did not have a 300-yard performance. He did, however, throw for the most yards that any QB has on the Arizona defense. The offense of the Washington Redskins should get healthy. They have a very favorable schedule over the next 3 weeks. This is the time when the Washington Redskins offense can get right.

The offense of the Washington Redskins is a playoff caliber offense. It is the defense that is holding this team back. If they can build a good consistency around that side of the ball they may be able to make some noise in the NFC. Right now they have consistency it is just bad. Until then they are going to be trying to outscore teams in shootouts. Let’s hope that Jay Gruden gave the same butt chewing to his DC that he gave to his team. It would be just as deserved. Onto Philadelphia! ALWAYS HTTR!!!

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