Oakland Athletics: Mark Trumbo should be top priority for DH role

The Oakland Athletics must find offense, and they must be willing to do whatever it takes to get a few heavy hitters in their lineup. I respect the cheap but serviceable look but, when will it hit them that only works for a season or in the movies?

The A’s hit 169 home runs last season, good for 22nd in MLB but, they play in the American League where power is everything. The San Francisco Giants are the only team to hit less than the A’s that still made it to the postseason. There needs to be a change.

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Power Hitters are a rare breed and will cost a penny on the market but, if the A’s wish to climb themselves out of the basement, it’s time to open that checkbook. The closest they have to a power bat is Khris Davis who hit 42 with 102 RBIs and the next closest was Marc Semien with 27. The offense is in dire need of a shot in the arm and Mark Trumbo is the bat that could change the team’s fortune in a hurry.

Trumbo hit 47 dingers last season for the Baltimore Orioles which in turn should get him a hefty pay increase but this is the type of boom the A’s need. If money is the issue, the A’s have plenty to throw around as they payroll is currently in the $43M range. But, how long are the A’s top brass supposed to stand by and hold on to their wallets while teams like the Houston Astors, Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians make playoff pushes while they sit back hoping and praying a low-value player makes a splash?

Teams will be lining up to sign Trumbo starting Monday and the A’s should be the first in line once the Winter Meeting start.

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