Goon is the holy grail of hockey films

There are some sports movies which stand out above the rest. That’s especially true with hockey films, as Slap Shot and The Mighty Ducks are just a few of the notable classics. But, the best hockey picture isn’t any of those, it’s Goon, the best hockey film of all-time.

Calling Goon the greatest hockey film of all time might not sit well with some, but if you’ve seen it you know how special the movie is. The picture has gained a cult-like following among many hockey and sports fans across North America, and it’s easily worth all of the acclaims it has gotten.

Starring Sean William Scott, the film tells the story of Doug Glatt, an inexperienced hockey player that makes a living out of fighting, most commonly called a Goon. There is a good amount of comedy and violence, making it the perfect film for the hockey lover.

The film was based on the book “Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey into Minor League Hockey.” The book was written by Adam Frattasio and Douglas Smith, a former hockey player whom the book is based on of. The film’s producer Jay Baruchel wanted to adapt the book into a movie because of a lack of hockey comedies.

There was no box office wide release for Goon, the film did most of its damage on the DVD market. That didn’t stop the film from making over $6 million during its limited run in theaters. That, combined with the DVD sales, enabled the film the opportunity at a sequel.

Goon: Last of the Enforcers will release in 2017, and it’s the most highly anticipated sequel to a hockey film since The Mighty Ducks. All of the cast returns, including Liev Schriber, who based his performance of Ross Rhea after hockey enforcer Bob Probert. And while plot details are scarce, you can expect the same wild action and laugh out loud moments from the original.

If you haven’t seen Goon, you are missing out. It’s not only a must see for hockey fans, but all sports fans. It’s a comedic masterpiece and features a ton of hockey action. Without question, after this film ends you’ll appreciate the art of the hockey enforcer, and you’ll also have a new favorite sports movie.

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